Byzantine Ring

Byzantine Ring


 Byzantine ring in Sterling Silver.

This superb signet ring is the reproduction of an antique Byzantine wedding ring dating between the 6th and the 7th century. The original ring reproduced here is more than 1300 years old. While the original byzantine ring is made in solid gold, this reproduction is made in solid silver engraved with figures and Greek text. The ring is composed of an octagonal shank on top of which is a heigh-foil bezel.

The top part of the ring is concave and represents Christ and the Virgin being blessed by two other persons. Above their head, we can see a star engraved. Above, we can see the word OMONYA in Greek which means CONCORD.

While the original antique Greek had scenes of Christ's life engraved in each face of the shank, we can make any kind of engraving on these faces as a personalization of your ring.

The top part of the ring is 18 millimeters large and the ring weighs 15 grams in sterling silver.

This kind of wedding ring design is typical of early period Byzantine rings. These rings had 7 facets to represent scenes from Life of Christ. These miniatures were arranged in chronological order: Annunciation, Visitation, Nativity, Presentation in the Temple, Baptism, Crucifixion, and Christ appearing in the garden after the Resurrection. You will find more information and pictures about such kind of Byzantine wedding ring here.

In the case of this ring, only the scene of the Presentation in the Temple is engraved on the bottom part of the shank. as you can see in one of the pictures of the ring.

This ring represents a part of history and the concern of the couple in their relationship with god and between each other. 

Who is this ring for?

This ring is made for a man looking for an antique Byzantine ring as a wedding ring with the option of customizing some parts of the ring. He will love the exact reproduction of the blessing scene at the top of the ring, linking his love history with the history of the Byzantine Empire.

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