Eye of Horus Ring in Sterling Silver

Eye of Horus Ring


Eye of Horus ring in sterling silver.

This Egyptian ring design represents the eye of Horus, also called the Eye of the Falcon God, or left Wedjat eye, which is one of the most famous Egyptian symbols still today. The Eye of Horus was an amulet symbolizing health and integrity that protected, in the time of the Egyptians, its wearer against disease. 

 This ring is similar to a signet ring with a large upper plate that is curved with the representation of the Eye of Horos with vertical stripes and a blackened bottom. The Eye of Horus is very visible on this engraving.

On each side of the ring a representation of the Egyptian Ankh symbol, the Egyptian symbol of life. As you can see, the ankh is detached with horizontal stripes with a blackened bottom.

This Egyptian ring represents two of the most important Egyptian symbols of antiquity, in an original manner with a modern design. While being large, the ring will fit perfectl a man or a woman.

Eye of Horus symbol & meaning:

The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol representing the left Eye of the Divinity Horus who lost his eye fighting his uncle Set. Later his eye was healed by Thoth, another Egyptian divinity. For this reason, the Eye of Horus symbolizes well-being, healing, and protection and was commonly used as a protective amulet in ancient Egypt. It has been the most commonly used amulet for almost 2000 years from the Old Kingdom to the Roman period.

This ring is 9 millimeters in width at the top and 4 millimeters large at the bottom for a total weight of 5 grams in size US 6 in Sterling Silver. Note that the metal weight can vary depending on your finger size. 

You can customize your Eye of Horus ring with a small red ruby set flush at the center of the pupil of the Eye. The ruby is 1,5-millimeter in diameter and is very visible once set in place, giving a unique and magnificent look.

Who is this ring for?

This ring is made for an antiquity lover who is intrigued by ancient Egyptian symbols and meanings. Educated, this person loves to wear jewelry with meaning and will fall in love with this unique silver ring representing Egyptian symbols that are thousand of years old.

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