Onyx signet ring



Massive men's ring in gold and diamonds.

This solid gold men's signet ring model features a large natural onyx stone cut into oval facets. The latter is set with two small moldings in the shape of fleur-de-lis at its ends and with a set on each side on its flanks.

The ring is relatively wide since it is about 19 mm in its central part (for a ring size of 9).

Two molded lily flowers come decorate the amounts of the signet ring. Their large size makes them very visible once the ring worn on the finger. The center of these lily flowers is each decorated with a small diamond of 2.5 mm of 0.065 carats set with 5 claws, ensuring good behavior of stones.

The curbs of the body of rings are decorated with a visible relief molding which gives it a pompous style reminiscent of the style of the royal jewels.

Both diamonds are HSI grade and the total diamond weight is 0.13 carats. We invite you to consult our diamond file if you need more information about them.

Made of 18K gold, this signet ring is available in yellow gold or white gold.

Read our article detailing the manufacture of this large signet ring in gold and onyx stone.

Who is this ring for?

For a man wishing to wear an imposing signet ring with an original design and whose diamonds and lilies give a royal style. This homemade ring provides durability that will allow it to pass on to the next generation.

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Handcrafted Jewelry

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Please take into account a period of 6 weeks for the manufacture of the latter in our workshop before shipping your package.

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How choose your ring

To help you choose your ring, we can only recommend that you check on which finger you want to wear your ring and then measure your finger size.

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