Silver turtle ring


Turtle ring in 925 silver.

This is a turtle ring design for women in the form of turtle scales engraved around the ring.

The latter has a half-rim profile 7 mm wide at the top and 2 mm wide at the bottom for a weight of 3 grams 925 silver.

As you can see in pictures, the scales have a smaller and smaller size as we go from above to below the ring to follow the narrowing of it.

The largest scale on the top of the ring is engraved with the profile of a small blackened sea turtle.

As a reminder, this turtle ring design is part of our Tortuga Feliz jewelry collection designed to collect funds to support the sea turtle camp "El Naranjo", so 20% of the price of this jewel is donated to this association.

This ring is made to order in our workshop, allow a period of 2 weeks for its preparation before shipment.

You have the choice between economical delivery and express delivery via UPS.